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Join the 2024 Committee

Being a CLSS Committee Member is more than just joining a Society on campus. It's about joining an organisation which pursues a bigger purpose above individual gain, a Society filled with advocacy and creating opportunities. 

Every year, we elect our leaders at our annual general meeting. Our leaders are comprised of an Executive team and team of Directors. After the AGM, the Supporting Committee of Managers and Officers are appointed by this team of leaders. 

From time to time throughout the year we advertise vacant positions in circumstances where a position becomes vacant, or we identify a need to expand our Committee.

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The 2023 Committee

Do you want to be apart of the CLSS committee? Applications to join the 2024 CLSS Committee open now. 

My name is Claire, I am in my final semester studying a Bachelor of Laws/ Science in Psychology. I have been a member of the CLSS since begining my degree in 2019, and joined the Committee at the begining of 2022. 

There are many things I would like to achieve through a role as President of the CLSS. I would, working with all positions in the CLSS across portfolios, endeavour to connect and re-connect students studying law and justice through activities of the CLSS.

Throughout 2023, I hope to help my fellow law students socially, academically, and professionally and lead a society that becomes an integral aspect of every Law and Justice experience at UC.  

Outside of UC and CLSS, I am currently employed in a part-time position as a paralegal at a Family Law Firm in Canberra. On the weekends, you will find me hanging out with my golden bundle of Labrador joy, Henry. 

Claire Bousfield


My name is Jasmine and I am studying a double degree of International Relations, Politics and Laws.


I am in my first year of study at UC and I am passionate about learning new things and making a difference in this world. As Vice President I plan to engage as many people from a variety of backgrounds and stages of study with the CLSS, as I believe this club is one of the best ways to meet like minded people and have fun whilst studying. I also want to encourage participation in career and networking nights as these are fantastic events and they provide lots of opportunities to meet people from a variety of legal backgrounds.


One fun fact about me is that although I am no pro, I love a good game of pool or bowling and after I finish studying I plan to travel the world!

Jasmine Jarrett


Jasmine 2_edited.jpg

My name is Jasmine Giran. I’m in my 4th year of a double degree of law and commerce.


I am passionate about helping others and creating a positive and memorable experience for fellow law students at uni. My vision for this portfolio is to maintain effective records and administration pertaining with our society as well as supporting my fellow committee members to establish informative and engaging events for law students.


A fun fact about me is that I am trilingual.

Jasmine Giran 


My name is Tom Gellatly and I am a new member of the CLSS executive committee. I will be entering my fourth year of University in 2023 in which I plan to commit my time to networking with other students through class and CLSS events. Outside of university I enjoy refereeing football and spending time with friends and family. Experience: I am very fortunate to have gained a broad range of corporate experience straight out of year 12 to accompany my studies. This experience includes working for a big four bank, insurance brokerage and a national law firm. I hope to use my unique skill set to benefit the CLSS through efficient management of budgets and expenses which will lead to the expansion of our events.


Vision for CLSS in 2023: This year will see a fairly new committee come together to take on new challenges and develop our solid foundation left by previous members. I hope to be able to engage more first year students in the committee so that the CLSS will be a home for any student that likes to be surrounded by like-minded people.

Thomas Gellatly 


My name is Jonathan, and I’m in my fifth year at UC studying Psychology and Law. I am currently appointed as Competitions director in the CLSS, and am passionate about having opportunities for law students to refine their skills as future lawyers.


I currently work in community law, and believe that being a lawyer is such an amazing opportunity to genuinely help people. I am super excited for 2023, and the events we’ve got planned at UC!

Jonathon Pears

Competitions Director

John Velodous

Careers Director

My name is Tayliah and I am (finally!) in my fourth year of my Bachelor of Laws degree, although as I study part-time, I have been at the University of Canberra (UC) closer to 5 years.  


Getting through university and law school is hard, so I am passionate about helping more students get through their study with much needed support, guidance, and a little bit of fun.


As Equity Director, I am very keen on getting some initiatives up and running to help ease the strain of studying and help create a healthy and inclusive environment for UC law students. I am also very excited to get involved in organising some events to showcase the diversity of the Canberra Law Students Society.


When I am not working or studying, I enjoy Wednesday night musical bingo at PJs in Tuggeranong and making my friends wear a decorative cowboy hat to every minor event.

Tayliah Johnston

Equity Director

My name is Mitchell Baker and I have recently joined the Canberra Law Students Society as the new Socials Director. I am currently heading into my 4th year of a of Law and Business (Management) and now looking to get involved in the Society.

Going into 2023 my vision for CLSS is to create engaging events for fellow students to come together once again and drive a positive social culture at UC. This will culminate in the annual CLSS Law Ball later this year which is set to be the best one yet.

Outside of the University you can find me pounding the pavement around LBG or watching Scott Boland highlights.

Mitchell Baker

Socials Director

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