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Student Textbook Equity Program

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UC values equity and diversity, and seeks to embody these values in its staff, students, and academic programs. Recognised as a global leader in reducing inequalities, UC was ranked number one for reducing inequalities in 2022.


The CLSS is aiming to contribute to these values through its Student Textbook Equity Program ("STEP"). This allows students that can demonstrate financial need to borrow their required textbooks for the semester from the CLSS. Eligible student's are required to pay a $40 deposit per textbook which is refundable at the conclusion of the borrowing period.

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What Is It?

The CLSS understands the value of education, and acknowledges that many students who study law do not have equal access to essential resources, including textbooks. The STEP program aims to enhance access to textbooks for law and justice students at the University of Canberra who are experiencing sudden or ongoing hardship. 

Am I Eligible?

If you are a UC Law or Justice student, and are currently experiencing sudden or ongoing hardships you may be eligible to apply for the STEP. For further details on application process, please see our CLSS STEP Policy here. 

Apply Now

If you believe you may be eligible for the Program, complete the application form and email to our Equity Director at Applications close Friday, in week two. 

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