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The Education Portfolio is one our most important at the CLSS. As students, we understand what it is like to study at university and the kind of issues you may face. In order to help you with your studies we offer a number of services, such as advocacy, notes bank, skills seminars, forums and first year programs. 

Through regular meetings with the Head of School of Law and Justice and other faculty members, as well as holding a position on the School of Law and Justice Board, we are able to promote and  protect the interests of law and justice students at the University of Canberra.

If you would feel more comfortable having student representation when resolving an issue or need support or guidance with UC’s administrative processes, then consider us your first point of contact.

What's on?

Pizza & Priestley's

Studying is always better when you have food and friends. Our late-night study sessions are back in semester 1 2023 to help you get through your Priestly 11 units. 

PLT Information Evening

We aim to keep students' up to date with information on studies after undergrad studies. Throughout the year, we facilliate Practial Legal Training ("PLT") information evenings presented by PLT providers in the ACT.

Competitions Workshops

Interested in competiting in a mooting, negotations, or witness examination competition? Not sure how it works? Prior to competitions week, we run several sessions that get get you up to date with need to know information prior to competing in your first law school competition. 

Upcoming Events


Details coming soon.  

Education Resources 


If you have any questions about the education portfolio, or any of our inititaves, please don't hesitate to contact Claire. 

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