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Socials Portfolio

Socials are a huge part of the CLSS year and are a welcome break from the monotony of studying. The CLSS' hosts a myraid of social events each year, with the premier event of the year being the annual law ball.  The Socials team are working hard to bring you some of the best events we've ever held.

What's On?

Throughout the year, all events facilitated by the Socials Portofolio will be accessible to students' via the links below. More information about current events and ticketing will also be avaliable on our Facebook page. 

Discounted tickets are available to our members. Not a member, click here to sign up today.

Past Events

From our annual law ball, to our social outings, the CLSS ensures that our student members can stay connected outside of the library and the classroom. 


If you have any questions or enquries regarding socials, events, or ticketing, please contact our Socials Director, Mitch. 

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